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San Antonio Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist Boyd Myers and his team of expert personal trainers at Personal Fitness Revolution will help you achieve your goals of a leaner, healthier, more attractive body by following the safe and effective program designed for you as an individual; not a "one-sized fits all" routine created for the masses by a commercial health club fitness trainer or a magazine. All workouts are tailored to meet your needs, lifestyles, and goals, and are constantly adjusted to ensure that you are making progress.

The average member of San Antonio commercial health clubs(Bally's, Spectrum Clubs, Gold's Gym, Lifetime Fitness) will not obtain the results they desire. They'll become discouraged by their lack of knowledge and guidance and ultimately give up. Let Personal Fitness Revolution help you and keep you on track to meeting your goals

Never be misled again by empty promises and misinformation about losing fat, gaining muscle and changing your body and life. It is now time for you to forget about those empty promises made by other personal trainers, supplement companies and the latest fad diet and let us help you improve your quality of life, self-esteem and self-confidence while changing the way you look, feel, and perform in your daily life. To get more information about health & fitness click on abs the secret revealed .

Find out why ALL of Personal Fitness Revolution's clients exceed their goals and find the body of their dreams in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you are ready to transform your body and Personal Fitness Revolution will provide you with the knowledge, guidance and support to do so. Don't settle for typical commercial health club (Bally's, Spectrum Clubs, Gold's Gym, or Anytime Fitness, Fitness Together) personal trainers that only count reps and guide you around the gym from station to station - that is not what personal training is about, yet so many trainers are guilty of it. Even the higher end San Antonio health clubs (Lifetime Fitness and Concord Athletic Club) fail to escape this trend.

The number of elite personal trainers in San Antonio, Texas is quite limited. Along with his ten years of personal training experience, Personal Fitness Revolution owner Boyd Myers' formal education includes studies in Kinesiology, Sport Specific Training, Functional Anatomy, Fitness Therapy/Rehab and Sports Nutrition. Boyd and his personal trainers pass on their knowledge to teach you what you need to know to transform your body while keeping you accountable, motivated, and on track to reach your goals.

Here are examples of our personal training clients' success from here in San Antonio during the last 60 days (updated regularly):

  • In 8 weeks, a 45 year old male client lost 15lbs of fat, gained 15lbs of muscle, and increased his one rep max on the bench press from 215lbs to 300lbs
  • In 4 weeks, a 38 year old female lost six inches from her waist circumference measurement, while dropping her bodyfat over 8%.
  • In 6 weeks, a 42 year old male client dropped 9lbs of fat while adding 4lbs of muscle (simultaneously). His wife dropped over 13lbs of fat over the same period of time training with her husband.
  • In under 9 weeks, a 31 year old male client increased his 1-rep maximum in the bench press from 215 pounds to 300 pounds, while simultaneously losing over 20lbs of body fat.
  • A married couple in their 50s lost a cumulative nine inches off of their waist in only 4 weeks.
  • In only six weeks, a 31 year old male client raised his 3-rep maximum on the bench press by 45 pounds.
  • In eight weeks, a 53 year old male client dropped his body fat percentage by almost 13 points.
Recent News about Personal Fitness Revolution
-San Antonio Personal Trainer Boyd Myers announces the opening up his brand new personal training studio, Personal Fitness Revolution, at 16613 Huebner Road (at the corner of Bitters Road).

-Personal Fitness Revolution owner Boyd Myers was recently selected by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) to be a part of an elite team of only 15 personal trainers from around the United States to discuss training techniques, share ideas to help other trainers with their business, and to offer strategies to aid clients in getting the most of their routines.

Please feel free to check out Boyd's San Antonio Personal Trainer site for more information about personal training in general, fitness and nutrition articles, the San Antonio Personal Trainer Blog (as featured on and much more.



All Personal Training Packages Include:

-Complete diet/nutritional guidance based on your goals and lifestyle

-Private, discrete fitness training in the comfort of a well equipped studio

-Regular assessment and program modification to keep you on track

-Unlimited personal coaching via phone calls, email, or IM to keep you motivated

-Constant education on what you need to know about your body to continually make progress.

Why Use A Personal Trainer?

Increased energy and stamina - Life can be crazy at times. You will enjoy having the extra energy to spend time with the kids, go out with friends, etc.

Overall confidence - Knowing that you are making progress will do wonders for your self esteem and confidence.

Motivation and Accountability - There may be days where you don't feel like working out, we will give you the extra push to keep you on track!

Seeing is Believing - You feel great when you have to donate those old clothes that don't fit you anymore.


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